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Funky Monday, Michita Mothearth

FUNKY MONDAY | #6「MOTHEARTH」, stress-proof tune

Smile, it’s an ending Monday! It’s 10 PM by now. So what’s the point of publishing a Funky Monday when you’re chilling on your couch and it’s almost Friday, you ask? Well, precisely : today’s track is the note of sweetness that will help you

Summer chill playlist


Smile, it’s Monday… And WE’RE COOL FOR THE SUMMER, HAAA!!!! (in my Demi Lovato’s voice). But this playlist is actually cool – no shade – it’s smooth and mellow, perfect for the season. And it’s actually a playlist, by the way, nothing like the “two-mere-tracks”

Funky Monday Itsumono

FUNKY MONDAY | #4 Da「Keep Working!」playlist

Smile, it’s another Monday. What’s the point in making a playlist with only two songs (FUNKY MONDAY | #3 Da「Work!」playlist) and making another one on the SAME theme, with only two songs again? I don’t know the answer to that question but I know you’ll

Funky Monday Cherry Brown

FUNKY MONDAY | #3 Da「Work!」playlist

Smile, it’s Monday. Again… ° If you are in the working life, like me, you were as happy as Pharrel Williams last Wednesday, at the thought of starting a new week-end. ° If you are in the working life, like me, you spent 70% of

Funky Monday Evisbeats

FUNKY MONDAY | #2 Da「Smooth」playlist

Smile, it’s Monday. In order to start off the week gently, I’d like to introduce you to a short playlist of smooth japanese Hip Hop songs I’ve been listening a lot lately. It’s the kind of playlist that perfectly goes with a “Nutella moment”: toasted bread

Muddythumb_summer blend cover

FUNKY MONDAY | #1「Don’t Touch Me」

“Don”t Touch Me” features a soft rhythm and warm notes that take us, for instance, to a brazilian beach… You can already imagine women in bikinis or beach soccer players to please your eyes, and a nice fresh piña colada to please your throat. How about