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HIGHLIGHT | TOKYO GEGEGAY turns creepy into cool #www

January 2016, Tokyo. I attend the All Japan Super Kids Dance Contest event and during the judges demo, I was attracted by Mikey’s performance : the character, her universe, her dance style, her gothic look… all those were giving her a lugubrious, dark queen, voodoo

FM #20_Suiyobi


Smile, it’s Monday. Today’s Funky Monday is featuring the house/electro/pop/experimental group 水曜日のカンパネラ with a little video selection. It’s a bit eccentric but very addictive… See you below for the introduction ; for the time being, have a good discovery! * Sui Yōbi No Campanella –


NEWS | March street dance events – WISH LIST

A new trip lying ahead in March, here’s a short overview of the street dance/hip hop events that I think I’ll attend or would like to : 1- ISOGO DANCE MATSURI 2- TRUE SKOOL VOL 232 3- NARA DANCE SWEET 4- HOT PANTS 5- HIGH

FM #19_Arigatou_for_Sex

FUNKY MONDAY | #19 Da「Arigatou For Sex」playlist

Smile it’s Monday! This week’s Funky Monday features a cute mixtape in order to put you in mood on the eve of Valentine’s Day… Or whatever the occasion, no discrimination here! Arigatou for sex! Or Thank you for sex, from DJ ARIGATOU, compiles rnb/new jack


FUNKY MONDAY | #18 Da「Haikyū week」playlist

Smile it’s Monday. Normally, a Funky Monday is supposed to be funky… It’s supposed to talk about hip hop, funk, soul… and everything that has more or less of a connection with made in Japan urban culture. I’ve indeed taken some liberty on the definition

Lucifer cover

HIGHLIGHT | LUCIFER – Devil wears Prada but…

【Halloweird week 💀】 The Devil may wear Prada, but from times to times, he also knows how to put aside the chic and make way for the shock… Goodbye vertiginous heels and luxury bags! It’s now time to put the sneakers and baggy jeans on,

Oh my ghost


Smile, it’s Monday! And not least, tonight is Halloween! Judging by the broken and gloomy faces in the metro this morning, it seems the festivities have already begun… Which is a good reason to kick off the horror, fantasy and quirks themed week, that I’ve