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Joker Game is a series I heard about for the first time during the convention Anime Japan 2016. While my shrimp shaped body was being crushed and dragged by the crowd, a remote tv screen showing a trailer of an anime caught my attention. Seconds later, I

Kemonozume cover Oba


【Halloweird week 💀】 Kemonozume is a show I’ve discovered randomly, like 80% of the anime I watch. When seeing the visuel, I immediately thought of Mind Game : a bit ugly, a little rough, the “really-looks-crappy” and “it-doesn’t-make-me-want-to-look-any-further” kind of anime… 🇫🇷 VERSION FRANÇAISE ICI However, just as Mind Game, I

Haikyuu season 3

QUICK RIDE | #6 All about sports PART 3

【 All Out • Haikyuu S3 • Yuri On Ice • Keijo 】 Last article of the All about sports trilogy (part 1, part 2) dedicated to anime freshly out of the oven (fresh… oven… anyway) : indeed, the first episode of each series was

Yowamush pedal

QUICK RIDE | #6 All about sports PART 2

【 Prince Of Tennis • The New Prince Of Tennis • Prince Of Stride • Yowamushi Pedal 】 We continue on the topic All about sports with this second part. Normally, a full Quick Ride episode covers 3/4 anime but exceptionally for this 6th episode

Anime Japan

REPORT | Anime Japan 2016 [PICTURAMA]

Anime Japan, what is it? Anime Japan, in a few words, is a convention on anime and what revolves around, dedicated to fans and enthusiasts. This description is not sexy at all so let me put the word of the organizers : Greetings AnimeJapan offers


QUICK RIDE | #6 All about sports PART 1

【 Baby Steps • Days • Battery 】 Quick Ride? Every weekend is the occasion to enlarge my otaku resume, watching a good amount of animes. I select a little more than half a dozen, randomly, then I purge the whole as in American Idol.

Taaf 2016


This year I attended for the first time the Tokyo Anime Award Festival which was held from March 18th to 21st, at TOHO CINEMA in Nihonbashi, one of the capital’s business districts. Note that this last remark has no decisive importance. Tokyo Anime Award Festival,


QUICK RIDE | #5 Psycho, Guns & Mini-skirts

【 Shangri La • Shakugan No Shana • Ajin • Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi • Mayoiga 】 For this 5th episode, I’ve tried a unique theme that overarches the diversity of anime presented today, yet remaining in the psycho & co pattern : it’s

Mind Game


I discovered this film during the Night of Japanimation in November 2015. If it weren’t for the event, I swear I would never ever have had any interest what so ever in such a movie. And I would have missed something… Without further ado, this