I’ve been willing to introduce the duo Aya et Bambi Sato, or AyaBambi for the shorter and cuter version.

Aya and Bambi Sato,  #wonderful #wild #women

I had started an article but without understanding what was happening to me, procrastination grabbed me from behind, dragged me by the hair, thrown my body into a full bath and held my head under water. At the time, I was writing :

I know what you did last winter…

No, it’s not the holiday on ice version of the horror movie. The month of January 2015 had begun like all the others : bright colgate smiles, champagne, loads of phony resolutions. On the web, same trend : social medias are filled with new year wishes and also compromising videos of individuals waisted as hell on the evening of the 31st.

Anyway, classic… or almost. A video went viral and you probably saw it if you’re interested in danse or in Japan. I’m interested in both so needless to say I was showered from side to side : time lines were timing. Google alerts were alerting. Tweets were tweeting. And of course, rss feeds were… feeding.

I know what you did last winter…

… You were trying to fix your bald head after having all you follicules snatched off in less than a minute by Aya et Bambi Sato.

Because I like you, here’s a little introduction.

# WOMEN : who are Aya and Bambi Sato?


As you can see, a part of mystery surrounds the duo, whether their real identities or their dates of birth. Not ot mention the suspicions and other rumors questioning  Aya’s gender : her first name in kanji, 郁哉, can be read Ikuya or Fumiya, two male names. Here you go, that was the TMZ moment.

Aya lived in the United States. Through the artists agency MSA, she participates in many shows, video clips as a dancer or an assistant choreographer. With this experience, she returned to Japan in 2012, to build and perpetuate her identity as an artist.

With her partner and manager Bambi, they are artists, choreographers, dancers and run several activities in the world of fashion.

Their particular style and look have allowed them to increase their notoriety beyond the limits of the web, evidenced by the numerous collaborations with internationally renowned artists such as the creator Alexander Wang, the singer Madonna or brands such as Mac cosmetics, Wacoal, Shiseido…

# WILD : style and dance

Dance, make-up, look… All converge towards this signature style : edgy, elegant instilled with punk or gothic.

I went to the United States, I learned various dance styles but having to submit to the many rules or even dancing in predetermined costumes, I gradually began to feel oppressed. Moreover, being an fashion and makeup addict, it bothered me to ruin everything with sweat… and the flat shoes, no way. From there, I wanted to change things.

Or also

I find that inanimate things look sexier than organic things. Similarly, in a film, rather than the complete work, I will attach myself to an expression or pose of a particular scene.

In term of dance

Choreographies are mesmerizing, with surgical precision, finesse, a perfect synchronization. They offer us all types of angles, lines, shapes… like in geometry class. Aya and Bambi have their own style of dance, the Aya style, which is a mixture of several genres, several universes and aesthetics.

We can find some inspirations in :

  • voguing old way (born in New York, in black and latino gay community in the 70’s) in their poses or the lines, angles made with the arms ;
  • tutting or tetris, also because of the geometric and fluid movements with the arms or fingers ;
  • waacking, due to rapid wrist or arm rotations ;
  • buyō, traditional japanese dance.
In term of fashion and makeup

I invite you to watch the video of their collaboration with the fashion magazine Nylon JAPAN (click the image below)

ayabambi_nylonAnd of course, the interview given to Mac



Aya and Bambi, it’s also the creation of strange but always striking concepts with polarizing visuals. Among others :

You Suck My Face (YSMF)

This is what you would like to say to your boss… On a choreography, it should be fine.


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