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Today’s Funky Monday is featuring the house/electro/pop/experimental group 水曜日のカンパネラ with a little video selection. It’s a bit eccentric but very addictive… See you below for the introduction ; for the time being, have a good discovery!

* Sui Yōbi No Campanella – Wednesday Campanella

The playlist : my 5 faves

When you see the video thumbnail, you think to yourself it looks cute and cool. And with titles such as Aladdin, Marie Antoinette, or Kamehameha No Ousama (the kamehameha king), you can’t stand idly by. Inevitably, you end up clicking, just to check it out real quick. “Real quick”… 1 hour later, you’re still stuck to your screen.

I’m not a big fan of electro music normally – even though I enjoy more and more, thanks to house, voguing or waacking dancers – and yet, I’m totally hooked. It’s sometimes funny, sometimes bizarre, sometimes far fetched but always captivating.

In addition to elaborate and attractive visuals, the singer has this charming side, with its multi-faceted voice, skillful rap, or her simple beauty (not over the top like Kyary pamyu pamyu and others… 👀). And beyond appearance, you can feel she’s relaxed, natural, carefree, a little wild or crazy on the edges. Overall, it’s fresh and it exudes authenticity.


Because the title,
Because Michael Jackson (you can hear a bit of Thriller),
Because the funky feel to the music,
Because the way she dances 🙂


Because the visuals,
Because the lyrics (even if I don’t get everything),
Because ki-bi-da——n, kibi-kibi-da——n 🙂

『マリー・アントワネット』(Marie Antoinette)

Parce que le titre,
Because liberté – égalité – fraternité ;
Oops! I meant riberuté – égarité – furaterunité ;
Because the lyrics are related to France and the Revolution 🙂

(Matchi uri shojo – la fille qui vendait des allumettes)

Because the vibrant music,
Because the video, especially that steak thrown at the face 🙂

『シャクシャイン』(Shaku Shine)

Because it’s the one I enjoy the most, with its little baile funk feel which doesn’t leave me indifferent…
Because the originality of the editing despite an apparent simplicity 🙂


Because the title,
Because it’s the first one I discovered and liked 🙂

Little introduction : Sui Yōbi No Campanella

Presentaion taken and translated from the group’s website,… when Funky Monday goes with Lazy Monday.

Sui Yōbi No Campanella

Summer 2012. First demos sounds,「オズ」et「空海」are posted on Youtube.

The origin of the expression「水曜日のカンパネラ」comes mostly from the fact that the trio had their meetings on wednesday’s… But there are also several explanations.

Initially, they intended to work as a group so they chose that name however now, only Kam_I represents Sui Yōbi No Campanella.

Since, they entrusted the vocalist Kam_I with the central role, and began their music in an optimistic and “my pace” style, as well as various activities.

* Oz et Kūkai.


Note Chrys Prolls : Pronounce Kamu Ai. She’s the www of the day, the wild wonderful woman.

Role : lead / vocals. Born July 22, 1992. Native from Kanagawa prefecture.

As an adult, she still can’t swim crawl and do a sakaagari (pull yourself onto a bar and rotate), these are her weaknesses.

At the time of high school, she was active in many non-profit organizations or non-governmental organizations.

Taken by the salsa fever, she undertakes a trip to Cuba. With 100 people of her generation, she organizes interviews as well as polaroid shots.

After that, she experiences life in the fields, sometimes abroad. More recently, she began to learn how to dissect deers.

Hidefumi Kenmochi • Dir.F

Note Chrys Prolls : these are the shadow guys, who wish to preserve their anonymity even refusing to participate in interviews or to go on stage.

Hidefumi Kenmochi is the sound producer.
And Dir.F, he is the handyman.
Among others. However, they are the members who support the activity of the group.

On this note, have a nice Wednes… sorry, nice Monday!!

Chrys Prolls

(水曜日 / SuiYoubi means wednesday! –crappy joke–oh!oh!oh!)

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