FUNKY MONDAY | #19 Da「Arigatou For Sex」playlist

Smile it’s Monday! This week’s Funky Monday features a cute mixtape in order to put you in mood on the eve of Valentine’s Day… Or whatever the occasion, no discrimination here!

Arigatou for sex! Or Thank you for sex, from DJ ARIGATOU, compiles rnb/new jack and 80’s-ish pop music tracks, in a quite romantic or mushy style. We’re far from the sulphurous-porn-chic-borderline Partition from Beyoncé or Erotica from Madonna, you know, here it’s more a Thank you for the smooch on my forehead, basically.

Anyway, this 35 minutes mix is worth a shot! Here’s the track list (track / artist) :

  1. LET’S MAKE LOVE / サニーデイ・サービス
    2. セブンティーン・ランデヴー / MEG
    3. BLUE ~ こんな夜には踊れない / 桑田圭祐
    4. La Previsione Del Tempo / KZA(四街道Nature) aka 杉野一郎
    5. 自分勝手な夜 / DREAMS COME TRUE
    6. TOGETHER [Brooklyn Raw Remix] / Sing Like Talking
    7. LOVE AFFAIR / Latin Quarter
    8. 摩天楼の恋人 / 一十三十一
    9. サマースペシャル / ƒオノマトペ大臣
    10. 魔法のメロディ / さよならポニーテール
    11. Yes–No / 椎名純平
    12. さよなら言えたなら / 葛谷葉子
    13. 君は僕のもの / クラムボン

Have a nice day, have a nice Monday!

Chrys Prolls

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