Well, well, well… This Haikyū special Gimme The Loot episode will be so brief… devoted to  will be of a brevity… Not something you’ll see everyday on this blog. You’ll enventually end up believing I don’t like this series and that I do things reluctantly : well, not at all! In all sincerity, it’s not a series that amazes me the most, but – which perhaps doesn’t show through – it still remains among the main contenders.

Anyway, if I had to summarize my Haikyū purchases, this image would be appropriate…


It is Gobi desert in my bag. Eeeh yes, one single little thing, a misery! On the other hand – and this is what I explained in the first episode of this section – I’m nota big consumer of figurines, key holders, badges and co. Therefore, options are limited.

Well! Enough chitchatting, here’s my Haikyū mini-haul.

Agenda Aoba Johsai

The Aoba Johsai datebook !

It is a datebook covering the calendar year 2017, where you can note your appointments, your schedule, your homework, your swimming competitions… It’s aimed at those who still use paper and pencils in 2017 and/or those who might be tired of going through the related applications on their phone or computer. These two criteria corresponding to me, I could have been the perfect target, except that my legendary disorganization makes that, out of principle, a datebook is useless to me. Yes, it would be useful to help me organize but still, you have to be motivated to do so, THAT’S the problem…

Anyway, what can I say? It smells plastic… it is soft to the touch and cute inside.

The datebook includes 2017 and 2018 calendars, in addition to the planning section, a memo area, a Tokyo subway map. There are even the birthdays of the main characters : what else can we ask for?

I took the Aoba Johsai version because I love the color and I like this team :). They are the “bad guys”… There’s of course a Karasuno version, and perhaps Nekoma and/or Fukurodani, I’m not sure…

(photo agenda Karasuno Jess avec Caption agenda prêté par Jess.)

That’s it for today! Peace,

Chrys Prolls

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