FUNKY MONDAY | #18 Da「Haikyū week」playlist

Smile it’s Monday.

Normally, a Funky Monday is supposed to be funky… It’s supposed to talk about hip hop, funk, soul… and everything that has more or less of a connection with made in Japan urban culture.

I’ve indeed taken some liberty on the definition of urban culture in the past, like here for example, but when you scratch a bit, you can still see the connection.

In Haikyū’s case, no matter how much I try to solve the equation, there’s no way to connect the two. In spite of 3 seasons, 5 openings and 5 endings, I’ve found nothing even remotely funky Everything is melancholic, smooth, lukewarm. It’s nice but not great. It’s good when you want to cry or drink a verbena watching the rain fall outside (and in one second, I’ve just made plenty of enemies).

I’ll do my best, with a top 3 of the coolest, most spirited credits songs, I appeal to your indulgence! Small additional note : in gray between quotation marks is the name I gave to these tracks, since I rarely remember either the name or the artist (any anime together, by the way)…

3. “Tobe flyyyyyyyy hiiiiiiiiiiigh” or FLY HIGH!! – BURNOUT SYNDROMES – Season 2, 2nd opening

I like this one between 0 and 5 sec. Because I usually go straight to the beginning of the episode. In moments of laziness, I just let it flow and I actually find it quite nice, but nothing terrific about it. It’s featured on today’s Funky Monday because it’s lively, not because I particularly love it.

2. “Hugues Aufray” or Tenchi Gaeshi – NICO Touches The Walls – Season 1, 1st ending

Visually, it’s awesome, I like camera movements (I’m not referring to the video below which is the clip of the song, not the ending credits of the series). Musically, I got used to the “ting ding ding ding ting ding ding” of the first seconds, which reminded me of something in line with Hugues Aufray*. In moments of laziness, I let it flow and eventually, I discovered a pleasant song which I know the lyrics by heart, oddly enough…

* Hugues Aufray is a french blues-folk singer

1. “Shut up I’m Justin Bieber” or I’M A BELIEVER「アイム・ア・ビリーバー」 “Aimu a birībā” – SPYAIR – Season 2, 1st opening

A lot of freshness and good vibes in this opening, just like the beginning of season 2. I have no criticism, no crap to say on that one, except my remix on the title… Aaaand yes! I can’t help but shout Shut up I’m Justin Biebeeer when the singer goes Sooo I’m a believeeer 🙂

Special prizes!

A honnor prize goes to Leo and Climber (respectively season 1’s second ending and season 2’s firts ending) because I like them, quite simply. However, they’re a bit too sad for a Funky Monday. If the section was named Moody Monday, yes why not…

That’s all folks, have a nice Monday!

Chrys Prolls

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