A new section, yaaaaay!
That won’t be updated very often, yaaaaaaay!

Which is perfect, this one has no vocation to be, otherwise my bank account would suffer.

Gimme the loot? What is that?

I borrowed this expression from the song interpreted by New York rapper Notorious Big. It means what it means, “give me the loot”, “give me the booty” not THAT booty (or “give me the money” in the street version). Often using this expression when I make an unnecessary and/or satisfactory big purchase, I thought why not create a section dedicated to manga/anime goodies? Or my japan-related shopping by extension?

In general I’m not a fan of merchandising because most of the objects are useless to me. I’m not saying this with condescension, it’s literally that you can not use them, you can only expose or contemplate them (badge, sticker, figurines…). However I’m a fan of goodies that have a concrete use, and which are unfortunately minority : t-shirts, mugs, bags, notebooks… But by searching well, you can find some!

The kick-off is given today with my Joker Game haul, series presented on the blog that I really enjoyed. I didn’t buy much (as I said above, once you remove figurines and keychains, it’s the desert) but I felt the cost pass I’m very happy despite my small loot :

1) The genga collection booklet ジョーカー・ゲーム 原画集

What is it used for? Honestly, nothing. Yes, I’m the one who said 2.73 seconds ago that I didn’t like stuff to contemplate… Anyway. Basically, it’s a collection with raw drawings showing a piece of the anime creation’s backstage.

Cover :

Inside :

2) Clear files 和装クリアファイル

What is it used for? I’m wondering I’m not 100% sure but I would say the purpose is to classify documents as it looks like a transparent folder, except it’s not transparent, it’s joker game. Next time you go to see your banker, you put your pay stubs, tax notices, electricity bills in it and I swear, if he doesn’t grant you a loan, he’s really a bastard…

3) Cards

What is it used for? To write love letters, or threat notes, it’s up to you. Personally, I find them too cool so I keep them for me ; I could for example write myself a little sweet word or a reminder then send it by the Post (which isn’t a good idea, as it would be lost…).

Or :

Oh by the way! I didn’t buy them, they were given to me with the rest… I saw you coming with a “wait, you buy cards JUST for yourself, and you won’t do NOTHING with it? And you’re the one saying “weeeelll, I don’t like useless stuff…”?

Bitch leave

Anyway, other than that?

In general, Joker Game goodies are very interesting and like the series : classy… But not cheap! In the unnecessary objects category  (ie, to be contemplated, to be exhibited), you can find paintings, frames with genga and of course classic items such as phone cases, fans, keychains… On the useful items side, there are watches, glasses cases, leather wallets… In short, the panoply of the beautiful spy boy :). Only problem : these cost around 130-200 $, I’m not rich enough for that alas.

That’s it for this first Gimme The Loot episode!

Chrys Prolls

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