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【Halloweird week 💀】

The Devil may wear Prada, but from times to times, he also knows how to put aside the chic and make way for the shock… Goodbye vertiginous heels and luxury bags! It’s now time to put the sneakers and baggy jeans on, and shamelessly ignites the dance floor with jacks, farmers or loose legs.

Today’s highlight comes, not from Hell, but from Japan (albeit not so different on certain aspects^^) : Lucifer, a devil with an angel face, a group of lovely ladies with a devilish style.

Lucifer, who are they?

Erika Katsuki, Momoca Tanaka and Kazane Kasai, all from Tokyo area (Tokyo, Saitama), have been forming for about 10 years the infernal trio Lucifer. They distinguish themselves in a powerful and aggressive style of house, yet brighten up with delicacy. 

Lucifer house dance crew

Left to right : Momoca, Erika, Kazane

Since the creation of the group in 2008, they have continued to grow and sharpen their style, not without making a lasting impression as they pass through. They have greatly drawn attention in 2012, at the 19th edition of the Japan Dance Delight and also marked the event’s history by being the youngest participants to win a prize. Their career shows an evolution from the kids* scene to a wider public. They raise the general enthusiasm and receive support from all sides (OG and younger generations from the house scene, and also the dancers evolving in other styles…).

*The “kids” scene : in Japan, Hip Hop dance among yougsters constitutes a scene itself. Many events are organized by age groups (under 18 years, 15 years, 10 years) or school level (elementary, middle, high school). Some events have their “babies” or “little” counterparts. In addition, you can often find a specialized press and dedicated websites.

Lucifer house dance

Despite having a nice group dynamic, each one of them also stands out individually :

Kazane (born in april 96) makes her journey in solo, through battles or as a judge. She is also the most present on the international scene, with multiple appearances at Juste Debout and SDK (Czech Republic).

Momoca (born in august 96) is currently in a New York dance school. Her temporary leaving affects the group but also allows each of them to focus on personal projects.

Erika (born in februray 97) chose the path of transmission of the knowledge to younger : she is a teacher in several schools and dance studios, and regularly leads workshops.

Lucifer, the devil lurking behind the angel

With no intentions to venture too far into religious and philosophical considerations, I think the name is well chosen and perfectly reflects the group.

As I said above, their dance is rather brutal and intense. This is all the more pronounced that their musical choices are often in the house-techno-trance vein. In practice, when you naively starts thinking they are cute and innocent, BAM! they cut your breath and reduces your life expectancy. Their style is very powerful, very sharp but enlightened with some fineness notes, so you can catch your breath (a little).

Lucifer house dance

If I had to dissect their style, I’d say they go hard, they go soft, they go fast and go slow. The steps are either synchronous, slightly offset, isolated or completely separate from a dancer to another. You can observe many wide movement or at the opposite, those you barely notice.

All this must seem very banal, since the principle of good choreography is to be varied in terms of tempo, space and creative movements. However the trio Lucifer brings it to another level, in that the viewer is permanently shocked. It’s beautiful, it’s stylish but mostly shocking. Hence the recurrent use of “aggressive” in this post.

The intricate steps are executed solo ; simple steps are repeated or dance to a softer part of the music ; powerful steps, when the beat drops… Everything is magnified, it all fits together perfectly with the music. In consequence, the choreography is visually beautiful, I mean there is a real aesthetic, much like a painting.

I leave you with videos, so you can judge by yourself. Peace!

Tokyo Dance Delight, 2014

Japan Dance Delight, 2013

Kazane judge demo, All Japan Super Kidz 2016

Chrys Prolls

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