TRIP | Japan Spring 2016 : that time when…

That time you went on a trip to Japan last spring

That time when you wanted to narrate your journey live…

That time you swore up and down you’d do it THIS TIME, unlike the Spring 2013 trip that took you literally 3 years to report.

There’s also that time where you were asked “by the way, you didn’t show us the picture from your Japan trip! You went like a thief and you don’t even treat us with a story?”...
… and you answered “Yes soon! It’s on the way, no problem”
… Ages ago.

Not to mention the time it was Monday AND you were going back to Japan – again – the next sunday AND you thought that week was enough to write all articles.

That time when the gif below reflected your level of conviction – regarding the above statement.


Really girl?

Anyway, I’ll try to overcome the lethal procrastination-lazyness combination and narrate my trip in 7 days-7 articles [⚠️]. I already have the titles, it’s a good start :

[⚠️ ] : The original posts were indeed published in the span of 7 days (Monday, August 22 – Sunday, August 29) but now, as I’m not in a hurry, I will release one every week.

TOKYO : that time when you slept at the airport

HIROSHIMA : that time when you caught a motherfudgin’ flu

FUKUOKA : That time when you met Mama san

TOKYO : that time when you thought you would die on a plane

OSAKA : that time when you were helped by all the gran’mas of the neighborhood to break into your airbnb house

NARA : that time when you thought it was better the first time

TOKYO : that time when you thought the Shinkansen would be empty on a Monday at 1PM

I’ll update the links as soon as an article is wrote, and each post will be tagged with #J-Spring16.

On that note, come what may… and may the force be with me,

Chrys Prolls

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