RAMEN BŌKEN 1 | Hakata Choten round 1

Japanese restaurants are fairly numerous in Paris, especially in the district of Sainte Anne street (which can already be baptized the HQ of Japanese culture): there, a good part of the gastronomy is covered, from the bento to the okonomiyaki, without forgetting the inevitable ramen. This noodle soup dish is particularly well represented, judging by the quite honest proportion of addresses as well as the crowds gathering at the storefronts.

But but buuut… There has to be something fishy about this idyllic portrait : tonkotsu was nowhere to be found. Nothing, nada, the void.

‟ Tonkotsu?  you ask…

In the ramen family, there are 4 main members :

– the shoyu ramen, the sober and robust father

– the shio ramen, the sweet and soft mother, but still very coquettish

– the miso ramen, the clever and playful son

– at last, the tonkotsu ramen, the plump and jovial uncle, who makes dirty jokes.


Ramen types (source : Japan Guide – Ramen)

The sms that stopped time

All the parisian enthusiasts of tonkotsu ramen can dry their tears, stop the incantations and resell their fetishes on Craigslist: the food “kamisama *” finally heard our prayers! That good news reached me on May 29, early in the morning.


Translation – basically saying in a cheerful way that a new restaurant has opened!

A little more than 24 hours later, I was comfortably seated, slurping my delicious noodles. A small tear of emotion rolled on my cheek… (well, it was probably a drop of soup after a “slurpage” accident but let’s not break the glam…)

*Kamisama : God. 

Tonkotsu ramen at Hakata Choten

(It rhymes!)

The restaurant is welcoming with its friendly staff, clear and efficient arrangements, soft decoration and flamboyant colors.

The menu is limited. Intelligently, I mean. You’ll only find the essentials of tonkotsu ramen (thanksfortheobvious.org), with various toppings – green onions, soybeans, eggs, chashu – and various sauces – simple, grilled garlic, chef’s hot sauce.

Of course, no ramen without gyoza! It’s like Starsky without Hutch or Jonathan without Jennifer. My stomach – and its narrowness – does not fully understand this logical of association but my taste buds fully validate, especially since Hakata Choten has the merit of having been awarded Japan’s best gyoza in 2004!

Anyway, let me stop here for Round 1 and leave you with pictures…

53 Rue des Petits Champs, 75001 Paris
+331 40 20 98 88
Hakata Choten Facebook

*RAMEN BŌKEN : the ramen adventures…

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