FUNKY MONDAY | #6「MOTHEARTH」, stress-proof tune

Smile, it’s an ending Monday!

It’s 10 PM by now. So what’s the point of publishing a Funky Monday when you’re chilling on your couch and it’s almost Friday, you ask? Well, precisely : today’s track is the note of sweetness that will help you to peacefully achieve your day, especially if you got stressed from every directions :

stressed by the Monday (that’s compulsory)

stressed by your downstairs neighbor who made a big stink about me taking a shower too early this morning (you’re gonna say “yeah, but you have to understand, it’s not easy to deal with noise in building bla bla bla…” But let me stop you: she’s annoying by nature)

–  stressed by public transportation in Paris area (if like me you take RER B, north branch, then I think we can wish each other our deep condolences)

stressed by your manager, the kind that has an immeasurable need to prove to the world that she calls the shots at the office.

stressed by a “japanese” restaurant at lunch, which served me the ugliest sushi that the Earth has ever born (I don’t have the reflexe restaurant -> phone -> picture but if I have the occasion, I will come back to this episode). Oh, and it wasn’t really “stress” but rather “feeling made fun of”.

– last but not least, stressed by your training organization who tells the day before (this monday) that you have the presentation of your memorandum tomorrow… But it’s like that, and that’s the way it is.

Therefore, a little bit of hip hop abstract with Mothearth from Michita, I can’t say no 🙂


Have a nice monday… for the last 3 hours

Chrys Prolls

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