FUNKY MONDAY | #4 Da「Keep Working!」playlist

Smile, it’s another Monday. What’s the point in making a playlist with only two songs (FUNKY MONDAY | #3 Da「Work!」playlist) and making another one on the SAME theme, with only two songs again?

I don’t know the answer to that question but I know you’ll enjoy the following two wonders.


Unapologetically putting kanji and kana. For those wondering, the title of this song, interpreted by the Kochitola crew, can be translated into “the day of working musicians” (tired of lame translations? fear no more, send your donations).


“Itsumono”. This song smells like… experience. Do you remember last week when I was telling you that I thought the song “Work Work Work” was about the joys and woes of being in working life? And that I got it all wrong because of my poor japanese abilities?

Well, this one is THE ONE!

In japanese, “itsumo” means always. So “itsumono [whatever such as train, suits, food]” can be translated in “the same [whatever]” or “the same old [whatever]”.

The music is enjoyable, and the video looks like it was made with windows movie maker 1.0… which isn’t bad actually, I personally see it as an artistic statement. But more than that, this is a song you can really relate to because it depicts the routine of going to work : waking up early, comuting, accident on the railways, seeing your boss, eating the same food at the cafetaria…

Anyway, I hope you’ll still enjoy your monday! Keep it funky and see you next time

Chrys Prolls

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