FUNKY MONDAY | #2 Da「Smooth」playlist

Smile, it’s Monday. In order to start off the week gently, I’d like to introduce you to a short playlist of smooth japanese Hip Hop songs I’ve been listening a lot lately.

It’s the kind of playlist that perfectly goes with a “Nutella moment”: toasted bread dripping with the famous chocolate spread, a warm bowl of milk, some freshly squeezed orange juice as well as the sweet voices of Chiyori, Nancy Wilson and Mimismooth for a velvety ambiance.


A little retro side and warm notes: Again is the fruit of the collaboration between Evisbeats, the track maker from Nara, and the singer Chiyori.

SINKE BUTTON OBJECT – Restriction Intimacy (Guess Who I Saw Today)

I don’t about know you, but this song makes me want to lie half naked on a grand piano, sipping a good glass of wine. Sipping sloooow…
What’s the connection with Monday? None.
What’s the connection with the song? None. Though, probably the jazzy side…

The original version is available here

SICK TEAM feat Mimismooth – My Shit

Budamunk at the production, Slack and Issugi for a precise flow. As for Mimismooth, she embellishes the whole song with a delightfully sweet scat…

And voilà, that was today’s little wonders from japanese hip hop, good Monday!

Chrys Prolls.

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