FUNKY MONDAY | #1「Don’t Touch Me」

“Don”t Touch Me” features a soft rhythm and warm notes that take us, for instance, to a brazilian beach… You can already imagine women in bikinis or beach soccer players to please your eyes, and a nice fresh piña colada to please your throat.

How about a convertible ride along the californian coast, with your hair flowing in the wind? Or chilling with your homies in a low rider?

Well, I can always dream… For now, I have to content myself with parisian roads, on a bus (or worse, on the RER B*). It is nice too. Just less glamorous…

*It’s the regional express train, that runs between Paris and its suburbs. If you’ve already come to France by plane, maybe you’ve already ridden it.

Have a nice monday, people!

Chrys Prolls

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